Opening it’s doors in Sarasota in 2001, we offer a unique variety of specialty skincare and body treatments including:

  • Non-surgical face lifts
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Scar revision
  • Broken capillary & tag mole removal
  • Permanent make-up & conventional make-up
  • Areola/nipple restoration
  • Massage
  • Nutritional counseling


Our passion for skin is through seeing the body as a whole and treating it from the inside out.  We take nutritional balance, stress level, hormone issues, and lifestyle into consideration when treating the skin.  This is why communication and education are key components in the values of our facility.

A special focus here at Lasting Looks is Oncology Esthetics.  A portion of our facility is dedicated primarily to the support and recovery of all those living with cancer.

Our staff is compassionate, experienced and skillfully trained in order to provide the best care  for your skin and body.  We invite you to take time to look through our service menu and picture gallery.  We look forward to partnering with you on your path to a more vibrant you!

Please contact us is you have any questions at or for a complementary consultation.

My name is Barbara Hurley and I am a registered nurse. I recently become interested in permanent makeup for my thinning brows. I asked my dermatologist and she recommended Mary McAndrews. I made an appointment and I am so glad I did. The whole experience was a pleasant outcome from the initial phone call, office visit and procedure.

Mary is extremely professional, knowledgeable and talented at what she does. Her initial consultation made me comfortable to have the procedure. I am extremely happy with my permanent brows and now look forward to having the eyeliner next.

Barbara Hurley, RN

Thank you for presenting Cancer & Beauty at your lovely spa. I so enjoyed metting both you and Carolyn Jacobson. Thank you so much for the personal attention you gave me – the make-up application was beautiful and the waxing of my eyebrows looks fantastic! I’m very pleased with my new lip gloss & was pleased to see it is made in the USA. I look forward to my next visit.

Pati S.

I am very active & athletic, so I’m always injuring my muscles. By the time Becca is done with me not only am i 100% relaxed, by the next morning the injury is so much better that I’m able to continue with my workout routines.

Tiffany L.

I am a very busy, busy women and at times can have a lot of upper back & neck pain due to my stress. Becca has advised me on stretches that i can do to lessen the pain as well as giving me “The best massage of my life” every three weeks. I wouldn’t be able to handle my work load without her. Thank you Becca for all your knowledge & expertise. 

Maria A.

“I wanted to tell you how you how wonderful it was to wake up with eyebrows this morning, for the first time in 30 years!!!  And I LOVE my eyelashes! I am so, so happy with the results, I’ve been e-mailing everyone I know this morning telling them about you.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you “

Debby T.

“It’s been approximately 6 weeks since the procedure and I’ve got perfect eyebrows. The color Mary used matches my natural color beautifully and I’ve even received compliments from strangers on my eyebrows! I would highly recommend Mary to anyone considering cosmetic tattooing. She is a wonderful and very talented woman!” 

Liz S.

“Mary is very professional. I have and will continue to refer her services to family and friends. I am very pleased with the final results.”

Loretta S.

“Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my permanent eye liner. I love it!!! I really appreciate all your generosity, kindness and encouragement!! You are such a talented, wonderful person! Again thank you for your thoughtfulness it has meant a lot to me!” 

Susan S.

“I’ve had many facials and facial peels; also, brows and lips with permanent makeup applied. I am a very happy and satisfied client. Mary is not only a very professional aesthetician, she is a caring and wonderful person who serves her clients with the greatest respect.  I’ve referred my friends to her and they are also very satisfied.” 

Janet C.

“After a very thorough consultation I decided to have permanent makeup applied to my eyebrows as well as my upper and lower eyelids. The procedures were quite comfortable and I am thrilled with the results. My mirror tells me I look 10 years younger and I’m enjoying the many compliments of friends and family. I highly recommend Mary McAndrews.” 

Jan S.

“From my first meeting with Mary, I felt totally at ease yet most impressed with her professionalism and ability. I felt her to be genuinely interested in me as a person and caring of my situation. She evoked a meticulous attention to detail and made sure that I was completely satisfied with her every effort. A year later I am still thrilled with the results of her ‘art’ and feel it a pleasure and honor to recommend her.” 

Lee D.

I appreciate the personalized treatment I receive when seeing Mindy for a facial. She advises me on the products and procedures I can use to minimize my acne and gives innovative advice on make-up colors and application. It is always a relaxing and educational experience!

Missy M.

“Mindy Schnell is a treasure. I’ve been going to Mindy for facials for over six years. She is professional, kind and talented. I believe having regular facials with her has changed my problem skin to skin that gets compliments. It has taken years off my face. I don’t consider it a luxury, but a necessity both professionally and personally.” 

Melanie P.

“I found Mindy about 8 years ago, have followed her as her career has progressed and she’s even become a great friend. Her caring heart, attention to detail and gentle nature make the perfect ingredients for a perfect healthy-skin experience. Mindy is passionate about her profession and it shines through everything she does. Thank you Mindy!”

Laura M.

I was so pleased to find Lasting Looks in Sarasota after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.  The owner and specialist Mary McAndrews showed her knowledge and professionalism throughout the entire process. She listened to my concerns and took a lot of time with me discussing what to expect.  Mary’s areola restoration was the last step to feeling complete again after recovering from Breast Cancer.  My results are fabulous and best of all, I feel like myself again!

Kathleen R.

I have been receiving facials, that include microdermabrasion, with Mary McAndrews for close to 10 years now. Mary has helped eliminate the sun damage I had done to my face by being a sun worshiper in my younger years. She has created a treatment plan for me that I follow very closely. It is truly amazing to look at my face now compared to pictures of my face 10 years ago! My skin has a healthy, clean and glowing look! I get compliments all the time at how young my skin looks! I am so grateful to Mary!!! Now….I am the one on the beach with a hat and sunscreen on~ of course, sunscreen bought from Mary McAndrews!

Trish P.

“Rebecca is Outstanding. She presents the facts in a way that is easy to incorporate into a very busy lifestyle. I lost 17 lbs and am running longer distances now. Not only do I look and feel better and more “fit” but my blood chemistries verify the benefits of cutting out inflammatory foods from my diet. Making changes in diet and activity is never EASY but Rebecca make it FUN and you keep with the program as well.”  

Cookie B.

“I searched for a dietitian for many years who could understand and connect with the deep impact that emotional trauma and lifelong negative patterns can have on one’s eating patterns, body schema and self esteem. I needed to refer my clients who were working on these issues to an honest, compassionate and knowledgeable dietitian who would not just hand them a diet or hide behind selling supplements and hormones. I recognized that people needed to both be re-educated and supported to heal from their years of failure while at the same time lose weight, eat healthy and embrace exercise. Rebecca gets this! She is exactly the right balance of a teacher and coach and her manner is always accepting and positive. Her understanding of the body-mind relationship plus her fantastic nature creates repeated success for her clients.”

Marilyn P.

“Rebecca is and is going to continue to be a leader in her industry. She’ll teach you things about the food you put in your mouth that will make your head spin! She’ll break it down for you as well and give you the “x’s” and “o’s” of how to get and stay on track with your diet. Much like life insurance, your diet is not about you. It’s about the people that will miss you if you don’t take it seriously. Rebecca will teach and monitor your fundamentals of food.” February 18, 2011

Jeff S.

Mindy has helped me tremendously with my acne (face, neck, and back) breakouts.  During my facial Mindy explained in detail about how bacteria spreads, the importance of proper nutrition, and suggested a wonderful cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for my skin.  My acne is FINALLY under control and I now feel comfortable wearing back revealing tops/dresses. 

Alyssa H.

After having a bilateral mastectomy, I began my journey of reconstruction.  My nipples/areolas were reconstructed and my plastic surgeon highly recommended Mary to give those areas a more natural look through re-pigmentation.  I LOVE WHAT I SEE EVERY TIME I LOOK IN THE MIRROR!  I had a wonderful experience and Mary I so appreciate your professionalism and the time and attention you gave to me (and my husband). 

Helen H.

I had the non-surgical facelift treatment done by Mindy.  I have to say that it was a relaxing treatment & I am very satisfied with the results.  For a woman over 70, I am excited to see changes to the tightness in my skin and the lines around my mouth truly diminished.  I look forward to my monthly touch-ups to see continued change.

Mrs. S.

“You have breast cancer” words that you never want to hear. Your whole life changes with these four words. In my case I had a bi lateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation then reconstruction surgery. It was after 8 surgeries and treatment that I had my first appointment with Mary McAndrews. At the consultation Mary explained the process of restoring my areolas I felt connected with her and I had total confidence in completing my last step.  After finishing three treatments I can say that Mary is knowledgeable, caring and an expert in restoring areolas in our community.  Before I meet with Mary all I could see was two scares across my breast which constantly reminded me of my journey. After my first appointment the scares began to fade away, now I don’t see them. Mary has the passion to connect with you and help you complete your journey.

Beverly S.

It is always such a treat to see my friend Mary and her staff. She keeps my face looking great and my spirit lifted. Her services and products are some of the finest you will find. Honesty, integrity, laughter, friendship, and looking great…what more could a gal ask for! OK, maybe a glass a wine and some cheese. Well, she even host events serving us and teaching new products or just saying “thanks”.

Colleen E.

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