Nutritional Skin Care and Permanent Makeup

Our Staff

Specializing in Nutritional Skin Care and Permanent Makeup


Licensed Paramedical Esthetician &
Permanent Makeup Artist

Mary McAndrews

I have been involved in the skincare and permanent makeup industry for over 23 years.  Beginning my career in Las Vegas, Nevada I was fortunate enough to work with some of the best in the industry.  While following my passion in this fast paced, glamorous region I attained invaluable training and education that I have carried with me throughout my career.  I worked for the Estee Lauder Corporation for 9 years in education, product development, and management.    My close work with the Lauder family and executives allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in the area of makeup for photography, modeling, television, and local performers.   As a sought after makeup artist, I thrived in my career becoming a national educator.  It was a great time of growth and excitement in my career.

I moved to Sarasota in 2000, and it wasn’t long before I opened Lasting Looks of Sarasota.  My passion has always been to create beautiful faces from the inside out.  This lead me to believe that beautiful makeup comes from beautiful skin which can only be achieved from a healthy diet and lifestyle.  In addition, I feel that a great permanent makeup artist must be highly skilled in conventional makeup as well.  With an eye for detail, I create permanent makeup that is as unique as you are.  I create natural looks for eyeliner and eyebrows with my specialty being areola/nipple restoration for breast cancer patients.   As a licensed paramedical esthetician and permanent makeup artist I have partnered with some of the finest plastic surgeons and dermatologists in our area.  I am regularly called upon to lecture at the Cancer Support Community, local events, country clubs and have been featured on two local television stations in support of women health.

I am pleased to introduce my fantastic team of like-minded professionals who look forward to assisting you in your skin care, makeup, and nutritional needs for a lifetime of healthy skin.


Organic Skincare Specialist & Spa Manager

Lindsay Beyer

I have been in the cosmetology industry since 2011. I received my license from Sarasota County Technical Institute. Heath, wellness, and natural cosmetic products are topics I’ve always had an interest in and passion for. I have been lucky enough to work with many professional business owners who have taught me the ins and outs of the industry.

Over the last six years I have taken various related classes and have received multiple certifications. I have also done extensive research about natural products, their ingredients, and how they impact the body. I grew so passionate about doing so that I started my own company in 2014 called High Tide Organics LLC. My product line featured handmade natural soaps, sea salts scrubs, deodorants, and more. Being active in our community is also important to me. I’ve participated in many health and wellness events, such as Eco Friendly Florida Fest.

In 2016 I decided to add to my education. I am currently enrolled at State College of Florida, and have taken classes in marketing, advertising, and the human body. Furthering my knowledge on the human body has given me a stronger understanding about nutritional skincare and how diet, hormones, lifestyle, and the skincare products you use influence the body. I have a passion for educating people about the benefits of using natural products and the positive impact it can have on their lives and our environment. A sustainable industry that doesn’t negatively impact our environment is what fuels my passion as well.

I plan to continue to share my knowledge about the effects of natural products on people and the environment in hopes to create a healthier planet and enable individuals to make more informed choices about the products they use.


Skincare Therapist

Gosia Napieracz

I moved to Sarasota 18 years ago so I consider my self Floridian.

My training begun in Poland and continued in Canada and world’s most famous metropolis …. New York.

For last 20+ years through education and practice I passionately developed skills to deliver most effective skin care procedures for my clients.

Skin care for me is and an art and not a job anymore. It is a great challenge for me when I am working with my client to make the best out of its appearances. I believe in direct connection between nutrition, lifestyle  and care of your skin


Physical Therapist and Dietitian

Rebecca Kloss

Rebecca Kloss, MPT, MN, RD is a a licensed Physical Therapist and Dietitian.  She has a Masters Degree in Physical therapy from Ithaca College, NY and a Masters Degree in Nutrition from San Diego State University, CA.  Rebecca has over 10 years of experience working with clients, counseling fitness and nutrition.

“Whatever your wellness goals are, I want to help you achieve them.  I offer one-on-one coaching services including an initial assessment and weekly follow-ups as you progress in your transition to wellness.”

Utilizing my extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, I will work with you to create goals that are effective, yet easily fit into your lifestyle.  In addition to our scheduled weekly meetings, when you sign up for blocks of time with me I will be available as a resource (and motivator!) to you through the week via email and phone.  I want to be as much help to you as you need me to be during this transition to healthier living.  I will fully commit myself to working with you to achieve your goals!”