Nutritional Skin Care and Permanent Makeup

Life is like a bowl of strawberries

table 111They are tempting, sweet and yes oh so healthy.

Juicy strawberries when they are ripe  and at their sweetest release anti inflammatory properties and increase the anti-oxidant capacity of your blood, defending you from stress and signs of aging.

A handful of strawberries contains as much vitamin C as a medium sized orange. The American Medical Association has actually proven that vitamin c is the only anti-oxidant that gets to the dermal layer of skin, which is where your cells live. So, eat those bright red berries to support blood sugar balance and to help maintain healthy, youthful cells.

While eating a bowl of strawberries is quite helpful, to really encourage elasticity and collagen production.

I recommend Glo Therapeutics Ultra  15% vitamin c serum  to strengthen, defend and revitalize your skin.

strawberry fields  really are forever.

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