Nutritional Skin Care and Permanent Makeup


Areola/Nipple Restoration

Breast cancer patients are choosing to undergo areola/nipple restoration after a mastectomy in order to re-pigment and camouflage the skin to create a natural looking breast. As one of the premier areola/nipple specialists in Sarasota Florida, Mary McAndrews offers complimentary consultations to all patients to thoroughly discuss this tattooing procedure. During the consultation, Mary will paint on the skin to give an idea of size, color, and shape and create the illusion of depth by highlighting and shadowing . For scar camouflaging, Mary will match your skin tone with flesh colored pigments to hide the scar. The areola/nipple restoration procedure will take approximately 2 to 3 sessions scheduled no more than 8 weeks apart. We are very aware that breasts are unique to each individual and we take special time and care to produce the most realistic and natural results. The procedure is done using hospital grade, state-of-the-art equipment in a sterile, serene, confidential setting. They are also pain free.

Our staff is dedicated to the journey of breast cancer patients and healthful beauty and we are actively involved in the community to help find a cure for this life altering disease. For more information, check our calendar to find out about our support group “Bosom Buddies” and upcoming events.

Oncology Restoration Facial

Treats thinning skin,pigmentation and broken capillaries due to oncology treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.  Utilizing the most calming and healing herbal compounds to help assist the skin in the detoxification process and restore balance.  Most effective during oncology treatments and after.

60 minutes: $85

About Lasting Looks of Sarasota

Opening it’s doors in Sarasota in 2001, we offer a unique variety of specialty skincare and body treatments including:

  • Non-surgical face lifts
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Scar revision
  • Broken capillary & tag mole removal
  • Permanent make-up & conventional make-up
  • Areola/nipple restoration
  • Massage
  • Nutritional counseling

Our passion for skin is through seeing the body as a whole and treating it from the inside out.  We take nutritional balance, stress level, hormone issues, and lifestyle into consideration when treating the skin.  This is why communication and education are key components in the values of our facility.

A special focus here at Lasting Looks is Oncology Esthetics.  A portion of our facility is dedicated primarily to the support and recovery of all those living with cancer.

Our staff is compassionate, experienced and skillfully trained in order to provide the best care  for your skin and body.  We invite you to take time to look through our service menu and picture gallery.  We look forward to partnering with you on your path to a more vibrant you!

Please contact us is you have any questions at or for a complementary consultation.