3 Steps to Calm Your Mind

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It’s time to take stock of your state of mind.

You may feel that you’re coping well with the stresses of life, that you have inner tranquility, that you’re mentally on top of your game, and that you’re leading a thoughtful and intellectually stimulating life. If that’s the case, congratulations on achieving something quite rare today!

There is no simple path to inner peace.

It may be better to think of inner peace not as a destination, but simply as an attitude of mind that reflects your choice of paths. 

One of the best ways to find inner peace is to practice mindfulness.

Try these powerful steps and see if they help:

  1. Be aware of your mind, what you’re thinking, and how your thoughts come and go.
  2. Be aware of sensations of what you hear, see, and feel, and how you interact with those sensations. In other words, how your body and mind interact with the world.
  3. Take notice of your emotions, understand where your emotions come from and how they affect your thoughts and behavior, and how they affect others around you.
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Lasting Looks of Sarasota

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Lasting Looks of Sarasota

Offers a unique variety of specialty skin care and body treatments including:

  • Non-surgical face lifts
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Scar revision
  • Broken capillary & tag mole removal
  • Permanent makeup & conventional makeup
  • Breasthetics–Areola repigmentation
  • Nutritional counseling

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