Face Tips For Travel 

Face Tips for Travel

Like many, I am excited to be traveling again! It can be so hard to get all your facial products together for a trip.  With the weight limitations, traveling restrictions, and who wants to bring glass jars!  

These are my 6 favorite tips to have great skin while traveling and for the skin well-traveled🏝  

  1. Add up the days you will be gone and only bring that amount of skin care product for each day. Typically, most spas, or your favorite local esthetician, will have samples or travel sizes they can give or sell to you for your trip.  Otherwise, buy the sample sized jars at your favorite drugstore, Amazon, or other retailer. It’s a small cost so that you can be efficient with your luggage and counter space while you travel.  

  2. Always have a hydrating cleanser. I prefer a milk cleanser because it takes off all the makeup and cleanses your skin.  Take enough to wash morning and night, and maybe for your partner too!  
  1. Toner is a must because it is packed with nutrients and helps alkalize your skin while you’re in a foreign state or country that the water may not be like you are used to at home. Buy a small 2 ounce spray bottle and you should have plenty for a week away. 
  1. Sunscreen is a must whether in the mountain or the beach.  Preferably vegan because lot of sunscreen have toxic ingredients. You’re  likely to find the best sunscreens in our country . 
  1. Nighttime eye and face cream. I know when we’re away we have different eating and drinking routines  and it can show up on your skin. Using a nourishing face moisturizer and eye cream at night while your body is at rest so that it can repair itself  to stay looking your best at all times.    
  1. Drink lots of water and mind your alcohol and coffee intake.  Flying at high altitudes dilates vessels and can cause lots of redness and dryness in the skin if you are not properly hydrated.  Avoid alcohol and coffee while on the aircraft.  You’ll arrive feeling much better if you do.  
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