How to safely remove a milia from your skin

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Did you know that everything that is referred to as “a pimple” is not Acne? Many people are experiencing Milia under the skin. Milia are white bumps that can form under the skin, usually in the cheek area or under the eyes. They are often referred to as “pimples” although they are not acne and very different from a true pimple. Milia develop when dead skin becomes trapped under the surface of the skin. Going untreated, some of these dead skin layers build up and appear as a large bump under the skin. Typically, on the cheeks or below the eyes. One way this can happen is the overuse and misuse of eye creams which can exacerbate this condition by trapping more of the dead skin cells, causing the skin to be further impacted, and in turn can result in a larger bump.

The challenge with Milia is that they do not have any openings at the top to remove them on your own. Typically people will seek out a skilled licensed esthetician for milia removal if they are self-conscious about having a bumpy textured skin. When working with a skilled esthetician, they will gently soften the areas around milia with mild microdermabrasion, successfully revealing new skin hidden under the milia. This will assist the esthetician in a more precise removal. After the exfoliation and removal, there will
likely be some redness, swelling and possible bruising, depending on the depth of the milia. You can expect the area to heal for a minimum of ten days.

Many people who seek out laser resurfacing facial treatments have the possibility of changing the anatomy and physiology of the skin making it even more difficult to remove the milia.

Others may choose to use Retin A which would slowly exfoliate the area to reveal the milia with hopes that it would eventually dissolve the bump. But this is not always successful and could take many months or even years while also drying the surrounding skin.

This period of healing is worth it to many of our clients who will have long term clarity of skin. During the period of healing, we recommend an antibacterial ointment like Neosporin, to be used while healing to prevent infection in the open area. We provide our clients with an oil-free mineral concealer that is packed with antioxidants . This is to not only cover the area while healing, but to shield it from the sun , provide essential nutrients, and to encourage faster healing.

The use of Retin A can be applied 30 days after the wound has healed to remove any scarring or pigmentation that may have occurred from the trauma of the removal. Retin A should be alternated with Grapeseed oil or Vitamin E oil to renourish and balance the skin.

We hope this article is helpful and empowers you in restoring and renewing your skin

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